• Double beds for a total of four people. Beds in the smaller bedroom can be separated.
  • Linens and towels for four people.

Living areas

  • Modern kitchen with a fridge-freezer, oven and induction cooker, dishwasher, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, and tableware for eight people.
  • Living area with a sofa bed for two extra guests.
  • Fireplace with firewood and matches provided.
  • Terrace with an electric grill and dining table in the summer.

Other amenities

  • Cleaning supplies (vacuum cleaner provided per request).
  • Hairdryer.
  • Travel cot, high chair, and a potty for children (provided only when informed of the need before your stay).
  • TV and fiber-optic wireless internet access.
  • Sorting and recycling station for mixed waste, organic waste, cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic.
  • Ironing board and iron are in an equipment storage in maintenance building number 1 on the site.
  • There are four EV charging stations in the parking area, each with a power output of 11 kW.

You can buy breakfast separately when making the reservation. Breakfast is for one morning, for one person. Choose multiple breakfast packages if you want breakfast for several mornings or for more people. Minimum for breakfast orders  for one morning is two.

Please notify us of the need for an extra bed or a travel cot when making the reservation. We charge 30 € per person for the extra bed linen and towels.

Instructions for the guest

Pets are welcome at Kanava Resort in units 8 through 10 for an additional fee of 100 euros. Please let us know in the “Services” section of the reservation form if you plan on bringing a pet.

Check-in for the cabins begins at 4 PM at the earliest, and check-out is by 12 PM at the latest.

The rental price of the cabin includes cleaning after your stay, but we kindly ask that upon departure, you:

  • Load and start the dishwasher.
  • Collect used linens and towels either on one of the beds or on the bathroom floor.
  • Turn off all indoor and outdoor lights.
  • Check that all cabin windows and ventilation shutters are closed.
  • Lock all exterior doors.
  • Take the trash from the kitchen and bathroom to the outdoor sorting and recycling station before leaving.

The Booking Terms & Conditions (PDF)

Floor plan

Pohjapiirroksessa näkyvät U:n mallisen loma-asunnon huoneet vasemmalta oikealle lueteltuna: makuuhuone, wc, suihku, eteinen, olohuone, keittiö, makuuhuone suihku, wc ja sauna.

Take a sip!

Enjoy the refreshing taste of Finnish tap water – it’s not only completely safe to drink, but absolutely delicious, too!

In order to be more environmentally friendly, opt to refill your glass or reusable water bottle from the tap, rather than buying bottled water. Remember to recycle any bottles and cans you use – by returning them to the store, you even get a little money back!

Everyman’s rights

Finland’s beautiful nature is open to everyone–citizen or visitor–to explore and enjoy! The Finns call this freedom “Everyman’s Rights”, or “Jokaisenoikeudet” in our native language. These rights reflect Finland’s respect for nature, and the concept that everyone should have an opportunity to connect with their natural surroundings. Everyman’s Rights, by law, allows every individual the freedom to roam and enjoy outdoor activities, regardless of land ownership. 

With rights come responsibilities, though, and the arctic nature of Finland must be treated with respect and without causing harm to the environment or disturbing others. These guidelines will help you do just that.


National parks and other nature reserves may have different guidelines, so be aware of those before you go. In case of an emergency, the national emergency number is 112.

Respect the phrase “leave no trace”, and have a wonderful experience in the beautiful Finnish nature!



  • Walk, ski, cycle, or horseback ride freely.
  • Camp out temporarily.
  • Pick wild berries, mushrooms, and flowers (excluding protected species).
  • Fish with a rod and a fishing line, and ice fish.
  • Use boats, swim, and bathe in sea and inland waters. If you wish to do it here, you can rent a boat from Oravi Village!
  • Walk, ski, cycle, and drive motor vehicles on frozen lakes, rivers and sea.



  • Cause disturbance or harm to others or to the environment.
  • Be too loud.
  • Go too near private properties.
  • Walk, cycle, or ski on plantations or growing fields.
  • Disturb animals, game, breeding birds, their nests or their babies.
  • Let pets off leash.
  • Cut down, or damage trees.
  • Collect moss, lichen, or fallen trees.
  • Light an open fire.
  • Litter.
  • Drive motor vehicles off road.
  • Hunt without permits.
  • Fish with nets, traps, or a reel and lure without permits. On more information on the proper permits, please visit